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While visiting The Mayan Gypsy Boutique hotel, do not miss the opportunity to visit a cenote or two.

Cenotes are magical, open fresh water pools, some very large and some smaller sized, and are surface connections to subterranean water bodies.

While the most famous cenotes are large and measure tens of meters in diameter, such as the ones at Chichén Itzá, the greatest number of cenotes are smaller sheltered sites and do not necessarily have any surface exposed water. 

There are over 6000 different cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico alone.


Cenote water is often very clear, as the water comes from rain water filtering slowly through the ground, and therefore contains very little particulate matter.  Cenotes around the world attract cavern and cave divers who have documented extensive flooded cave systems through them, some of which have been explored for lengths of 210 miles or more.

There are many many cenotes to visit in the Yucatan. Email us for suggestions or to help plan your tours during your stay with us at The Mayan Gypsy!

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