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Flamingos, Celestun Yucatan

Within an hour and a half drive from The Mayan Gypsy boutique hotel, you can visit Celestun, Yucatan. A sleepy little fishing town with many flamingos and much eco tourism and nature to explore and enjoy.  In the capital of Mexico’s Yucatan state is the Celestun Biosphere, a reserve protected and chock full of winter migrating birds. Celestun is a quiet and quaint town, far from crowded tourism and over priced beaches, with fantastic bird watching opportunities, wildlife reserves, mangroves, private boat rides, tours and lodging.


The biosphere is home to mangrove forests, crocodiles and hundreds of bird species, (more then 300)  with its main attraction being the largest colonies of flamingos that arrive in the muddy salt flats to end their winter migration. 


Between the months of November and March are the best times to visit but flamingos are still seen year round, though they may be in smaller numbers. 


Guided boat trips are offered in Celestun, that wind past shrubby islands full of wildlife. 

There are pelicans, hummingbirds, kingfishers and cormorants spotted on all sides until the horizon turns pink and. You plung towards hundreds of squawking flamingos, flying in and out of the water and off to riverbanks.


Your boat will then take you through the mangrove forests which are teaming with wildlife as it grows very quiet yet wildly alive with magic. You may wander through the forest walkways or swim in some of the fresh water springs. 


Boat tours are generally between two to four hours.